Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am trying to do this again.

OK-here is my update of 2011 since I missed a year and a half.
Casey graduated from preschool in May and started Kindergarten in August.
I decided to push myself and completed my first half marathon. My next goal is a sprint triathlon.
Abby was in two plays last year. She did "Beauty and the Beast" at the Jr High and she was in Guys and Dolls at the Scera Youth Theater Program.
Brady turned eight in March. He was baptized and started Cub Scouts. He loves scouts.
Grace is in love with softball. She played her second year of city league. She was on the Diamondbacks. They placed third in the league and played in the state tournament. After it was over, her coaches asked her to tryout for an accelerated league which she made. She plays for the Lehi Fire. They played in a league and participated in a tournament in St George.
Halloween was fun. Abby was Thing 2, Grace was a pirate, Brady was Jake Heaps (BYU football quarterback before he transferred to Kansas), and Casey was Jimmer.

We are doing so good. The kids are getting so big. They are so much fun especially watching them grow in all their activities.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spencer's Day

So, today is actually Brady's birthday. I know I have a ton to catch up on and that I need to tell about Brady's birthday but something more important happened today. Robb has a friend at work who's 7 year old son (Spencer Gooch) has cancer. He is starting a very strong form of Chemo and will lose his hair. A fundraiser was held today to help his family. They had food, games, auctions, and more to raise money. The Jazz Bear and Spencer's favorite player (Wes Matthews) came. They also had a head shaving party. Robb told all his friends about it and said if he raised 100 dollars he would shave his head. He raised over that. So, this is what happened.
This is Robb's before picture.

We went and bought some baked goods, had lunch, and then it was time for Robb to shave his head.
Half way through. All done. Brady was so moved by it, that he decided to contribute his hair also. Here is his before picture. I am glad I took this birthday picture before left our house.
He was so excited and nervous to do it. And, was so happy after he did it.
This is Spencer's dad with Robb and Brady. It turned out to be an awesome experience on Brady's birthday. And, it was a great experience for the whole family. What a lesson we learned today.
This is Robb's after picture. And, the button is my favorite. It says, "Be Brave and shave! I did it for Spencer." I will try to catch up soon, but, I had to share this.

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

I Love the 4th of July!! Even if it does start pretty early for us. We go see the hot air balloons. In order to be there on time we have to leave our house at 5:30. They are so amazing though. This may have been the best year so far for seeing them fly.We watch with Robb's brother Chris and his family.The cousins have a great time together.The main reason I go is for the French Toast at Kneaders afterwards.

That night we went to the Stadium of Fire in Provo. The Jonas Brothers were the main group.

The kids made signs. They looked so cute dressed for the 4th of July.It has been fun the last two years seeing big name people there but I love the dancers, the music, the atmosphere, and especially the fireworks.The kids loved the Jonas Brothers, especially Casey. He really started to get into it.We had a great couple of days but they were exhausting.Happy 4th of July!

3rd of July

We got to start our holiday weekend on Friday the 3rd. Robb had the day off. We had promised the kids we would take them miniature golfing. That evening we had a hot dog roast and made smores in our backyard. I love a good cookout.After dinner, we had fireworks in our backyard. It was so fun with our family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Reunion

We got to go to the Luke reunion this year. It is fun. Robb's grandparents and all their kids and their grand kids and great grand kids get together. The last few years we have done it at the Sunrise P River Ranch in Burley, Idaho. We have great food, good times, and the slide is great. The first couple of days we stayed at Robb's mom and dad's house. The kids had a ball on their water slide, playing with the cousins.Every year they have a talent show. The kids love to take part.We had a great time together sharing family time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Family pictures

These are some family pictures we just had taken. Robb's friend Tim, offered to take them for us.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taylor Swift concert

I surprised my girls with a fun night out. Taylor Swift came to Salt Lake. I knew a little about her but my girls liked her. Now I think she is a great artist. She played for two hours and in between songs she talks to the crowd like she is having a friendly conversation. She actually seems shocked when people get excited.
At the end of each show when she comes out for an encore she comes out with something on that is for that state. This show she came out with a Jazz jersey on.There are tons of buses and trailers she has with her. We got to take pictures by one of these buses.I would do this again in a heart beat. She was worth every penny.